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Sleeping in Rifugio Savogno means being hosted in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with wooden furnishings that characterize the mountain style, just what you can expect by sleeping in a shelter, a sober accommodation without giving up comfort.
Each one of our bedrooms has  a bathroom with a shower, You don’t need anything else, no sleeping bag, we have bedding with a duvet.

We have 8 rooms:

2 double rooms with a double bed, one has a balcony.
2 rooms for four people in bunk beds
2 rooms for six people in bunk beds, one has a balcony
1 room for eight people in bunk beds
1 room for fifteen people, eight in bunk beds and seven in single beds in the loft, with a balcony

Each guest is assigned a bed, including children under three

 Pets aren’t allowed in Rifugio 

Pets can sleep in a safe garden with a roof.


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